DSG aims to publish posts and propaganda from various sources as provocation and stimulation. The following PDFs were produced by Timothy Thornton, a writer and musician living in Brighton. Thornton writes:

Two acknowledgments: TRAILS is definitely supposed to be some sort of poem, or dossier in verse, but in two aspects it is derived from musical works. Its construction was inspired by James Saunders’s #[unassigned] (2000-9), an “ongoing modular composition”; each version is compiled for a specific reading (in these cases, the night before, and then edited in the morning), and each takes as part of its title the date of that reading. From Oliver Rappoport’s Senderos (2008) it takes its title, as well as a compositional attitude mimicking exploration, congestion, prohibition, or diversion: some trails recur, either as before or in slightly altered form, some generate or lead to further trails, and some are abruptly curtailed or blocked off.

Download PDF of TRAILS 01/07/2001

Download PDF of TRAILS 13/07/2011

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