DSG Live: Glenn Beck’s Guide to Modernism

Tomorrow DSG will present a talk and discussion at  http://reallyfreeschool.org, a free, radical education space at 5 Bloomsbury Square, Bloomsbury, London.

GLENN BECK’S GUIDE TO MODERNISMtowards a communist culture.
Monday 7th 8pm – 9pm

“This is what made leftist Modernisms so harsh: the need to assert a counter, to create another culture, something the left is at present utterly unwilling to do, endlessly harping on about ‘resistance’, without the slightest notion of victory, let alone what culture should exist afterwards”– Owen Hatherley

In the first decades of the 20th Century communism asserted itself not only through programmatic takeovers of state power on one hand, and vital insurrections against capital on the other, but also let the developing relation between worker and capital play out on a cultural stage that challenged the moral, political and economic foundations of society. These led to a total revolution in the conception of art, as well as an avant-garde that smashed the divisions between art, production and civil society, leading to new forms of challenge to capital. The need for managers of capital in the West and the newly formed USSR to reign in and control these powerful forces set the political-cultural battleground for another 80 years.

Filtered through the distorted lens of evil-genius US talkshow host Glenn Beck, this event will start with a snapshot talk on early 20th century modernisms and their relation to capital, stopover briefly at socialist realism, Zhadanovschina and Brecht and continue as an open discussion on how we represent communist politics today, from the tedious classturbatory kitsch of the British left to uber-hipster Tiqqun, the Greek insurrection and onwards.

Anarchist Youth Network (Radical Autonomous Negation Division) is a performative-sleeper-unit of Deterritorial Support Group.


One response to “DSG Live: Glenn Beck’s Guide to Modernism

  1. Hi, is there a recording of this event? It looks very interesting.

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