1. Why it’s os easy for these tv actors and government officals peoples with money to get help investigating nude pictures of them self on their cell phones and computers just like the congress man getting caught drunk driving, Drugs, pills, sex Charlie sheen. L. Lohan stealing and getting a way with it and killing their self just like Micheal Jackson and alot more of them and they get all kind of help Dr.Phill, Anderson Cooper and lots more of these tv places pays them or their peoples to come in and talk to them Why is it so hard for a poor person to get help from any one they violate our consitution rights and our Declaration of indepence law the peoples that does this for us wants a lot of money a easy win to investigate these people doing wrong these peoples are under the consitution and declaration law are refusing to do their job they only want money to investigate these thing and their job it’s illegal what their doing check the declaration of indepence and the consitution rights.
    Thank you, Matthew Coles

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